About Dzugan PhysioLogic

Our Mission

Inspired and established by Dr. Sergey Dzugan’s vision and life’s work in the study of human body function and physiology, Dzugan PhysioLogic’s mission and goal is to spread the science of physiology, to help prevent and treat disease throughout the world.

Dzugan PhysioLogic will serve as a comprehensive medial institution to physicians, educating and supporting their practice in the science of physiologic medicine.

It is Dzugan PhysioLogic’s mission to return the medical community to its origin of physiologic based medicine, initiated by Hippocrates and his motto, “First do no harm.”

Our Passion

Our passion at DzLogic is to extend the lifespan and ‘healthspan’ of people across the world; providing natural, logical support of their physiologic systems and helping their bodies to heal themselves.

Our Commitment

Our Commitment is to improve Quality of Life for everyone we touch.

What do we do?

We specialize in uncovering the root cause of our clients’ health issues and then correcting them.

This is called Physiologic Medicine. It involves the optimization of human body function through the use of bio-identical hormones and supplements. It is completely customized to the individual, and monitored closely by your physician over time. Dzugan PhysioLogic works with physicians around the globe, supporting their practices in the art of Physiologic Medicine.


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