DzLogic Immuno Boost Bundle

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Boost your immune system with Dr. Dzugan’s Immuno Boost Bundle formulated by Dr. Dzugan specifically to prevent illness.
The bundle contains a 60+ day supply of these essential immunity boosting supplements:

  • Pregnenolone 50 mg
  • DHEA 7-keto 50 mg
  • DHEA 25 mg
  • Vitamin C 1000 mg
  • VitaminE 400 IU
  • Zinc 25 mg
  • Beta Glucan 100 mg
  • Probiotics

Make a small investment to protect yourself during critical periods of illness.


A brilliant scientist, Sergey A. Dzugan, MD, PhD, a retired heart surgeon, has used his 30+ years of knowledge within medicine to become one of the premier thought leaders in the understanding of human body chemistry functions, also known as physiology. Dr. Dzugan is an author, speaker and educator to physicians and patients around the globe.

Dr. Dzugan’s work in physiology and science has been published and awarded around the world. He is recognized by his colleagues as an international expert on restoring physiology to optimal levels, leading to improvements in metabolism, disease treatment and prevention.


Watch our latest interview with Dr. Dzugan about COVID-19 below!

5 reviews for DzLogic Immuno Boost Bundle

  1. Youla

    I am on DzLogic’s program for many years and I decided to add this to my program to help my immune system. Anything Dr. Dzugan puts together, I will take and would tell anyone to do the same. Thank you Dr. Dzugan!

  2. James

    I highly recommend this product for anyone looking to bolster their immune system. I have been following Dr. Dzugan for years and he is amazing! All of this products are very high quality.

  3. Andrea Marie K

    I have been a Member of the Dzugan Program for about 18 months now and I feel so much better with the hormones and supplements. Their brand is great. Thanks for all your help Dr. Dzugan

  4. danielo

    Exactly what I was looking for. Got here quickly and safely. A bit on the pricey side, but you get a lot for your money, so I thought it was worth it. Thanks.

  5. Regina

    I got this as I was not able to find Vitamin C anywhere. It is a big bundle – 8 bottles. So I guess it is a good deal. The first time I try but I liked what I received and hope they’ll do what it says.

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