DzLogic Brewer’s Yeast 650 mg 200 tablets

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Brewers yeast is well known for its role in digestive health, and is considered a probiotic – it contains microorganisms (microflora) it may help maintain a healthy, well-functioning digestive tract. It helps strengthens the gut’s mucus membrane and helps keep infections out. As a nutritional and antioxidant supplement, brewer’s yeast enhances immune system function. It may also help to balance and maintain blood sugar levels as it is a rich source of chromium, an essential trace mineral. It is particularly rich in selenium, a powerful antioxidant protecting against free radical damage; protein and vitamin Bs (complex), which can provide you with a ‘pick-you-up’ energy booster. Potassium, iron, zinc; and magnesium are also found in brewer’s yeast however, brewer’s yeast doesn’t contain vitamin B12 – an inadequate amount of this vitamin may provoke anaemia.

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