DzLogic Vitamin D3 5,000 IU 90 softgels

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While Vitamin D is probably best known for its role in supporting healthy bone density and regulating calcium balance in our body, it does much more. A study at the Oregon State University and the Cedars-Sinai Medical Center discovered that Vitamin D is necessary for the activation of our “innate immune system”, a primal, first line of defense system that is controlled by what used to be thought of as “junk” DNA. It also modulates the adaptive immune system, which mounts a defense against a myriad of pathogens and then retains antibodies that create immunity to those pathogens in the future.

  • Vitamin D is created in a reaction that occurs when sunlight hits the skin. Due to a variety of factors such as long periods of time spent indoors at work or home and generally inadequate time spent outdoors, many individuals may suffer from a lack of optimal Vitamin D levels.
  • Vitamin D may help bolster the function of the immune system
  • Vitamin D is a component of optimal bone health, along with calcium and magnesium

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