DzLogic Whey Protein Powder Vanilla

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Whey protein is among the most valuable kinds of protein avail-able. It scored very well in measures of protein value, such as PER (Protein Efficiency ratio) 3.2, BV (Biological value) 100 and PDCAAS (protein digestibility corrected amino acid score) 1.0. The PDCAAS is the most relevant measure of the quality of proteins for humans and is the official rating system used by the world health organization. The score of 1.0 in the highest possible rating. There are advantages to both whey protein isolate and whey protein concentrate, so of course our whey protein contains a balanced mixture of both. ‘Isolate’ is the highest concentration form with the greatest amount of amino acids per scoop. ‘Concentrate’ is the form that maintains the bio-active 3D structure of some important peptides that have many health benefits. Our whey protein is non-GMO and is always made from rBGH free milk. It contains no yeast, wheat, gluten, corn, preservatives, artificial colors, or flavors. It is sweetened with a combination of SwetaTM brand Stevia and luo han guo fruit extract for no aftertaste.

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